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Sustainable design – Living walls

April 27, 2010

This being our first post, we would to start by stating that we want to use this space to showcase some of the latest developments in architecture and design, our  projects,our favorite projects by others,  materials, new technology, the direction we are headed in, etc.,

Having said that , this post is about a new technology in India that I (we, hopefully) am very excited about. We want to develop our practice along the lines of sustainable design, with energy efficient features, bringing in greenery and landscape design wherever possible in our projects. We are looking to experiment with sustainable materials in our interiors as well. The current excitement for me is about a relatively new company called ELT India, who set up living walls. Yes, live walls! I have used this feature in some of my post grad projects, (of course, they were hypothetical), but being in New York then, that technology was accessible. And now, it is available in India! Very exciting development indeed. Besides living green walls, they do lightweight green roof systems as well!

Here are some excerpts from their website at,

ELT India Enterprise has been formed to give India most innovative products like Living walls & sustainable Light weight roof garden Systems.

This new venture is owned by Pradeep Barpande who has been working in the field of horticulture since 1987. His contributions include Soft scape, Large tree transplantations, Nursery & Environment friendly green engineering which are well appreciated by our renowned Architects & Clients. We have gained their confidence because of successful completion of time-bound Projects, always.

Our staff which is under Continuous improvement program & this has enabled us to improve our performance. Being the first of our kinds in India , makes us our own competitors. Hence we strive to perform better each day!

After a rigorous research we have developed and installed first living wall in Mumbai and many more are coming up in India.


“ELT green wall system was developed in Canada & consists of pre-grown living wall panels which are mounted on mounting strips or specially designed SS brackets. The system is designed to have inbuilt irrigation facility where water moves inside the panels from top to bottom & drains through drain channel provided. The panels are designed to hold part of water in each cell, thus each cell acts as water reservoir.

This reduces watering requirement. Specially engineered planting medium is made using indigenous components to have long life. List of plants is suggested to suit the site specific climatic conditions. Planting is done as per the pattern suggested by the architects or designers. Installation is easy & fast. Panels can be removed easily, for maintenance purpose, if required. ELT gives 5 years warranty for panels Subject to terms & conditions.”


“ELT Green Roof panels is also an innovative product, which creates lightest roof gardens. It is a modular green roof that can be installed on virtually any roof, including roofs sloping at up to 250. Weight of this system is 25 kg/ SqM. The modular design allows a simplified, economic & versatile alternative to traditional practice. It also allows construction of pathways, planter walls & still have continuous water drainage for the entire roof. This system offers distinct advantages over traditional complex methods. The system consists of vegetation carriers made from 100% recycled HDPE. This acts as drainage layer as well as water reservoir. This is covered by filter membrane that is Bio-blanket on which light weight growth medium is spread. ELT gives 5 years warranty for panels Subject to terms & conditions.”

That’s just a gist of what is available from them. For more information, check out their website at


Hello world!

April 21, 2010

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